Boxer Braids

Boxer Braids: A Summer Hair Staple

It’s a hairstyle loved by everyone from UFC fighters to the Kardashians. Boxer braids have become part and parcel of edgy urban style. With summer temperatures heating up daily, there is no better time to try the style out ourselves. With advice from the man responsible for Kylie Jenner’s famed boxer braids, hairstylist Jonathan Colombini, we find out how it’s done.


Cool like Khloé

Boxer Braids

Khloé Kardashian calls this one her “Denim and Diamonds” look. We’d add boxer braid chic to that list! “It’s best for braids to get this look on at least day old hair,” Colombini told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. “The more grit to the hair, the better.” He recommends prepping the hair with a gel or pomade which not only helps to keep static at bay, but also adds a glossy shine.


Nighttime Nuance

Boxer Braids

Hailey Baldwin shows that boxer braids can be classy and elegant too. She wears her sleek boxer braids with a form-fitting bandeau-style red dress. Colombini suggests starting out by sectioning the hair into a middle parting before clipping one half off the face. Next take the front section of hair and create a diagonal diamond shape and divide this part into three smaller pieces. These sections will be used to create the braid from beginning to end.


Repeat Offender

Boxer Braids

Just one of the many instances that Kim Kardashian has worn the boxer braid hairstyle. When creating your own braid, think of it as a traditional French braid, advises Colombini. “The only difference is when braiding, the hair will go over each section instead of under… This will give the look of the braid sitting on the top or outside instead of under or on the bottom. This is called a Dutch braid,” he tells the magazine.

He goes on to explain the technique itself: “Once you have the section started and each little section has made its way over the other you’re going to grab a bit of hair to incorporate into the braid as you work your way down the side and nape.” As an added tip, remember to keep each piece of hair the same width. “This will keep from the braids getting ‘fat’,” he suggests.

“Once you have reached the nape of the neck and there isn’t anymore hair to incorporate, braid your three sections just as a normal braid until you get to the end and run out of hair.”


The Rainbow Connection

Boxer Braids

Kylie Jenner is a regular visitor to the Coachella music festival. And usually at the top of her style itinerary – boxer braids! Colombini ends off his celebrity style with the finishing touch – accessories. “Use a small elastic tie to the end. I always choose a color of the tie that matches the colour of the hair or even just clear. Repeat this entire technique on the other side as well.” He recommends polishing off the look with a final blast of hairspray to add even more bounce and superstar shine. And just like that, you’ve got summer boxer braids – Kardashian approved!

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