Jonathan Van Ness

Queer Eye Hair Secrets from Jonathan Van Ness

If you’re anything like us, you might be slightly obsessed with the Fab Five from the hit Netflix series Queer Eye. You probably also have your favorite of the bunch. When it comes to bouncy, luscious hair though, we can all agree that it doesn’t get any better than Jonathan Van Ness. These are some of his top tips for achieving shiny, healthy hair.

TIP NO. 1: Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Jonathan Van Ness

The Fab Five in all their glory, with Jonathan Van Ness’ flowing locks front and center. “My biggest secret is that I don’t over-wash my hair,” he told Vogue. “I wash it twice a week at the most, unless I’m on set every day. Over-washing is what creates so many of our hair issues.” He goes on to explain that detergents and sulphates tend to overstimulate the hair follicles.

“You have to go through a little cycle when you jump on the not-over-washing bandwagon where you basically have to go hard on dry shampoo and wear your hair up, because it’s oily until your scalp gets the message. That’s the key.” He recommends using a dry shampoo such as Ouai by Jen Atkin which he applies to the mid-lengths and ends.

When you do wash your hair, go for a co-wash or cleansing conditioner. His favorites to use Hairstory New Wash, or Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo. “These have no detergents whatsoever, and remove dirt and yuck but leave behind the correct balance of natural oils,” he told Cosmopolitan.


TIP NO. 2: Get Glossy

Jonathan Van Ness

Seen here with singer Dua Lipa, Van Ness is much-admired in the beauty industry. What is his tip to getting a glossy, glamorous mane? A little detangling and the correct use of products, according to Van Ness. “On days I wash, I’ll use out of the shower a wet brush to remove tangles,” he told Cosmopolitan. He follows this up with a priming product applied to wet hair to give it a sleek, glossy sheen once it dries. “I love to use a primer called Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura, or Bumble and Bumble Prep Spray and let air dry.”

On the topic of products, Van Ness advises that you carefully study the list of ingredients in whatever products you use. “Ingredients are listed in the order of how much the product contains,” he explained to Cosmopolitan. “If the first ingredient is alcohol, or some type of word you can’t pronounce, it’s not looking good. Parabens are another ingredient that has been shown to be not cute for us, so I steer clear of those too.”


TIP NO. 3: Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Jonathan Van Ness

Van Ness is known for his own flowing tresses and attributes it to one thing: his trusty silk pillowcase. Spend a night tossing and turning on the regular cotton variety and you’re essentially “sleeping on a hot iron” due to the heat created by the constant friction.

“For keeping hair long and healthy I like to use silk pillowcases, they conduct less heat and keep your ends less frayed,” he told Cosmopolitan. “Also, I sleep with my hair in a very loose top bun to keep my ends away from my body heat. This also keeps your hair from getting tangled at the nape of your neck.” Great tips from the bubbly hairdresser himself. Now if we could only snag an appointment ourselves…

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