Self-tan: You Glow Girl!

Spray tans have received a bad reputation over the years. From Paris Hilton to the cast of Jersey Shore, times have changed since then and thankfully, so have the formulations. Today, we’re spoilt for choice. No more orange streaks giving away our in-shower tanning efforts. Outdated patchy color has been replaced by natural-looking, gorgeously glowing all-over color. Choose between quick-fix spray-on color to gradual, cream-based lotions. Here’s how to emulate those enviable Hollywood tans the easy way, with four of the best self-tan products on the market.

The Celebrity Favorite


The self-tan brand preferred by makeup artist Mario and his famous client, Kim Kardashian West, is James Read. Relatively new on the market, the star product from the line is the James Read’s Express Glow Mask which builds up a deep golden hue that looks natural and is super long lasting to boot. One shade suits all skin tones – you use as much or as little of the product as you’d like. Other celebs already fashioning the look: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emmy Rossum, Lady Gaga and even Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Bonus: the entire range is vegan-friendly and anti-aging too.

Summer Classic


St. Tropez – not just the holiday destination of our dreams, but the lightweight summer self-tan hero too. For years, it’s been a go-to of ladies who vacation like perennial beauty Kate Moss who used St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Spray Tan to get that golden glow for this year’s Costume Met Gala. The brand’s newest product is their St. Tropez’s In-Shower Tanning Lotion which takes a mere three minutes in the shower to achieve a sexy summer shine – no buffing mitts required.

Gradually Glowing


And now for the beauty guru’s glowing secret – Tan-Luxe, another fairly new self-tanning brand earning glowing recommendations from all and sundry. The UK brand offers everything from self-tan drops to self-tan water mist. But the star of the line has to be Tan-Luxe The Gradual, an illuminating tanning lotion that goes on as easy as your regular after-shower body cream. The intensity of the color builds up after each use without rubbing off and ruining white sheets and clothing in the process. Here is swimwear model and fashion blogger Devin Brugman using the Tan Luxe transparent Hydra-Mousse before a Coachella party earlier this year.

Glittering Glamour


Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo created this golden aesthetic on model Hailey Baldwin for this year’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The starring products in his makeup toolkit? The self-tanning brand, Vita Liberata. On her body, he applied the Vita Liberata Body Blur while her face got a golden finish thanks to the Beauty Blur. Also loving the Vita Liberata treatment are actresses Lucy Hale and Catherine Zeta-Jones as well as Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge, who had a special Invisi natural body tan professionally applied before the recent CFDA Awards. Headed out on your own summery nighttime jaunt this season? You’ve just found your must-glow party trick!

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