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Sir John Speaks: Tips from Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist

Nobody is immune to summer heat, not even the Queen herself. No, we’re not referring to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth but rather the other royal we all know and love – Beyoncé, of course. Makeup artist Sir John is the man tasked with keeping the singer looking fierce and flawless at all times, particularly when performing under glaring lights and dancing on stage.

And it couldn’t come at a better time either. With temperatures soaring marking summer’s welcome return, so our makeup application can do with some staying power. We’ve tracked down some of his foolproof tips on how he maintains the superstar’s signature glow.

Firm Friends

Makeup artist

The pair has worked together for years and become really close in the process. “Her star is so bright that it eclipses anything that is around it which is amazing to watch,” the makeup guru said to Elle magazine.


It All Begins With A Healthy Skin

Makeup artist

Don’t believe the hype – there’s only so much that makeup can do. It’s all about the health and well-being of the skin underneath. “People shouldn’t compliment your foundation. They should complement your skin,” he told Women’s Health magazine. “Spend your money on complexion, and things that have to do with your skin,” he added to Elle. “Tones are important, the texture is important, the payoff is important, longevity is important.”


Monochrome for the Win

Makeup artist

A signature style that Sir John is known for is his use of monochrome makeup – “using one shade in a multitudinous of tones,” as he calls it. He likes to match the colors of eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush in one uniform shade. “You can also use a cream blush – I like Stila’s – to give yourself a quick balmy, monochromatic look,” he told Marie Claire.


Don’t Neglect the Skin on Your Lips

Makeup artist

“The sensitive skin on your lips should be treated the same as your eyelids,” he told Marie Claire magazine. His advice? “Prep your lips with an eye cream rather than a lip balm.” This means doing away with expensive lip creams and balms, especially those that leave behind a waxy residue. “Lip balms can change the texture of a matte lipstick, while eye cream stops the pigment from sinking into lip lines.”

He recommends a double-duty option such as Sunday Riley’s Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Cream from Sunday Riley, which makes use of watermelon extract to hydrate and soften the lips. “After dabbing on the cream, apply lip liner over the entire lip, filling it in,” says Sir John. “To finish the look, layer on a rich, emollient lipstick in a beautiful, highly saturated shade.”


An Everlasting Glow

Makeup artist

We’re talking about foundation, obviously; the application of which will guarantee a face that lasts for hours no matter the weather. “I like starting with Shiseido Mattifying Moisturizer,” he said to Marie Claire. “It’s oil-free and it settles down to a powder-like finish, so it’s a dream for muggy places like New Orleans or the New York City subway in August.”

Next comes the setting. “If you apply liquid foundation, just seal it with powder; tap on cream blush, then top it with a powder formula; add gel eyeliner, then set it with powder shadow on top.” What are you left with? “Teflon-level staying power, whether you’re dancing, moving, or sweating,” he says. “That makeup is not going anywhere!”

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