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3 Tips to Help You Develop Your Own Personal Style

Even though a lot of girls these days try really hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the fact is that they are unsuccessful simply because they don’t understand their own sense of style in the first place. If you want to learn how to develop your personal style in three essential steps, be sure to keep on reading. Here are useful tips on how to get it done, so check them out and accomplish your goal!

First of all, embrace your body as it is

personal style

The first and one of the most important things any girl should do is to embrace her body as it is, with both its flaws and good sides. Of course, we don’t say that this is an easy task, especially in the today’s society, when the social media have really raised the bar when it comes to the standards of beauty. And what does that mean? Well, this means that every girl in the world is expected to look the same way – slim with ideal body measurements, which is undoubtedly an impossible mission. The majority of women can’t live up to those standards and keep up with them, which is completely fine. You shouldn’t try to conform to those rules anyways, but love yourself and embrace your body as it is instead. Knowing how to highlight your best features and cover some minor flaws at the same time is exactly what you should learn, as it will save you a lot of time and transform your look from average to absolutely amazing. So, if you’re insecure because of your weight and body shape, give your best to change that mindset and stay positive no matter what. That’s the key to success when it comes to everything in life – not just developing your personal style!

Pick your signature piece and stick to it

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The second step towards identifying your personal style is finding a signature piece that will work for you. Such a style trademark is something you either wear every day (like the famous Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘Carrie’ necklace), or an aesthetic you’re known and recognized for. Some people even say that it isn’t you who chose the signature item or style, but that it chose you instead. It’s a piece you love so much so that you simply have to wear it all the time. That piece basically becomes an inseparable part of your personal style, something that people recognize and perceive as yours even when you aren’t around. Apart from that, your signature piece will undoubtedly help you think about what you value, love to wear, and find aesthetically pleasing, which isn’t always the easiest task. For example, a lot of ladies have found themselves in the provocative pin-up style that emphasizes the feminine attributes in a quite open way. On the other hand, there are also ladies who love to add a dark, gothic vibe to any outfit, which is why they often opt for steampunk clothing. No matter what is your final choice, just stick to it and you’ll definitely be one step closer to developing your own personal style.

Find the color palette that suits your personal taste and skin tone

personal style

Once you find your signature piece, you should also choose the color palette that suits your personal taste in the best possible way. Of course, it isn’t just about the colors you like or dislike – it’s more about matching particular shades to your skin tone. For example, ladies with extremely fair skin tone should pick colors like emerald green, as jewel tones are the best way for them to wear saturated shades. Light-skinned women should also pick baby blue, simply because it looks gorgeous against pale skin. On the other hand, medium-skinned girls can pull off a lot of metallic shades, from silver to copper, so don’t be afraid to rock them if your skin is bronzy. Neon shades are also highly recommended, as these highlighter-worthy hues will help your skin tone pop up while being extremely trendy at the same time. But if you’re a dark-skinned diva, be sure to incorporate bright yellow into your clothing combos since it stands out beautifully against a darker complexion. The same goes for cobalt blue, which looks astonishing when matched with dark skin.

As you can see, developing your personal style doesn’t have to be as tricky and challenging as you probably thought. Of course, you should love yourself and your body in the first place, as everything starts with that. Apart from it, you should also find your signature piece and opt for a color palette that suits your personal taste and skin tone. When that’s done, you’re good to go!

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