Dream Pops

Vegan Dream Pops Now Available in Starbucks

Our wallet takes a major dent when we visit Starbucks as it is. Now that a delicious and healthy treat is on the menu, we are going to be healthier in our heart and in our wallet. The product in question: Dream Pops.

What are they?

Dream Pops

Courtesy of Dream Pops

Dream Pops are dairy-free and vegan ice cream pops which are cool to look at as much as they are tasty to eat. They are also healthy to eat; low in sugar and comes in at less than 100 calories. These signature gem-shaped ice cream pops are also free of dairy, gluten and artificial additives making it for a healthy little treat the next time you are grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. They are currently available in the following flavors: Berry Dreams (strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit), Mango Rosemary, Coconut Latte and Vanilla Matcha, made from the all too healthy matcha green tea.

Where can I get it?

Are you itching to find out where you can get them? We’ve got some bad news for you on that front. Dream Pops are only available in five California Starbucks. But if you are living in the United States, you can grab a tray, which runs you $45, from their online store.

We are a proponent of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this falls right in our wheelhouse. We couldn’t be happier.

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